DHL UK Returns


The DHL UK Returns project involved architecting and building a highly scalable system designed to manage customer requests to arrange the return of their parcels.
This project was developed in collaboration with the DHL Parcel UK team and was built to handle the demanding requirements of holiday season peak returns.


The system is based on a microservice architecture and was written in C#/.NET, utilizing Azure DevOps and Docker containers for deployment onto an On-Premise Linux cloud. To further improve scalability, the system was linked together with Kafka message queues, ensuring that millions of requests per hour can be processed with ease.


The project was designed with a focus on robustness, security and scalability. The system was tested successfully to handle millions of requests per hour, making it ideal for handling the high demand of peak holiday season returns. The result was a robust, secure and highly scalable system that customers can rely on.


Finishing to specification and ahead of schedule, the success of the DHL UK Returns is a prime example of our ability to build custom software solutions to meet the demanding requirements of our clients. Our team of experts brings a wealth of technical knowledge, expertise and experience to every project we work on, delivering results that exceed our clients’ expectations.




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