Satellite Clickers is a project built with our new business model: maximising outsourcing and use of asset packs where possible, then polishing up to standard in-house.

This is a space-themed idle merge game. The premise is to launch satellites into orbit and earning money to buy more satellites, building your way to the top as a space tycoon. The compelling ‘just-one-more’ upgrade mechanic gives the player a sense of constant progression.

Development Journey

We managed an offshore team that provided development resources to create the initial proof of concept game, and worked with a variety of freelancers to generate the required art assets and designs. 

Following quality passes back in the UK, to improve code maintainability and performance, we released onto Google Play Q1 2023. The current released version has integrations with ad mediator Appodeal, Firebase Analytics + Crashlytics and Facebook SDK.


Built with Unity 

With a single codebase that runs on iOS and Android, it is simple to deploy updates to the game across multiple platforms.

Concept Art

In Engine (IT3)

Future Objectives

  • We are seeking a publisher to assist with marketing, user acquisition and guide improvements to LTV and retention metrics.
  • We are packaging our game logic into an internal Unity-package shared library for re-use in our next project.