VR Development | Proof Of Concept

Imagine TikTok, but in virtual reality. 

Welcome to ScrollVR, the social media platform for short-form immersive content. Share and explore the world of virtual reality with friends and followers, experiencing life in new and exciting ways. Get ready to immerse yourself in a whole new dimension of social media.


Universal Compatibility

Leveraging WebXR technology, ScrollVR is compatible with a wide range of devices from Oculus Quest to Windows Mixed Reality headsets to smartphones with a Google Cardboard.


User-Friendly Navigation

ScrollVR features an intuitive interface for easy navigation in VR with mesh-based UI rendering.


Up to 8K video

ScrollVR allows for the display of 8K video with minimal load times, utilizing HTML5 video sources directly and utilizing WebGL to render within the 3D space. Experience virtual reality with stunning, high-resolution visuals and smooth, seamless transitions.

Immersive mode is only available on WebXR compatible devices